COVID… oh and Firemen

So today I had to run over to pick up mail and do some grocery shopping. During the COVID disaster this requires serious concentration. Prior to leaving the house pre-covid it normally would take me a few trips up and down the stairs to gather keys, mail to go out, shopping list, grocery bags, phone, wallet… wait I need to make a bathroom stop, wait what did I do with the mail, and where did I leave my purse?

ANYWAY – now during COVID it is much more complicated – cannot take re-usable grocery bags, but must bring, mask, gloves, and wipes. So the trips around the house to gather all those things, and put the grocery bags back in the closet really adds a few thousand steps to the car!

Did I mention I am now officially old as in 65 and I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast?

Well during the whole COVID thing I am watching people new to working remotely and at first I thought it was cute – I have been working remotely for YEARS – I am no novice. The novice work from home people all seem to go through a few stages of sloth before coming out the other side.

Social distancing and stay-at-home rules have created a timeline glitch on awareness for this new batch of work from home folks. They are not exposed to the old timer surprise of nearly leaving the house in your fuzzy slippers – because while gathering masks and gloves they probably looked down and saw the bottoms of their PJ’s hanging over the fuzzy slippers. They also have seen enough embarrassing ZOOM meeting clips to know better than to take a phone in the bathroom or to have underwear hanging behind them in an online call.

All that aside – I am unsure if it is COVID related but I am having trouble remembering what day it is – I have to check my devices multiple times a day to make sure. The hour of the day is a another story, I stopped being able to adjust to time changes about three years ago – or was it 10? I pretty much figure if the sun is going down it is dinner time. This is a big improvement over the first few years of working remotely when my awake and sleep hours migrated slowly around the days and nights.

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