USA – The Land of Minority Rule

By Toni Tweedle Healy

Watching President Trump nominate a right wing ideologue to the Supreme Court makes my blood boil.  I will vote against any Democrat who does NOT filibuster this nominee. This is a stolen seat by a political party who is in the minority in this country and everyone knows it. By refusing to even consider President Obama’s nominee, the Republican Senate participated in an unprecedented power grab and this nomination is illegitimate. Democrats must fight back.

More people voted for Democrats for President AND Senators in the 2016 elections.  Yet, we have a Republican President as we did in 2000 and the Senate is controlled by Republicans.  More people voted for Democrats for the House of Representatives in 2012; yet, we had Republican control of the House of the Representatives for that election cycle because of gerrymandering. In other words, we have a government that a majority of Americans did not vote for. The majority of Americans do not support the thinking and philosophy of President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee. The majority of Americans do not think Roe v. Wade is an abomination.  The majority of Americans don’t think religious freedom trumps equality for LGBT Americans. The majority of Americans do not favor corporate interests over the interests of the little guy.  This new Supreme Court nominee’s positions are minority views in this country.  So, what should the majority of Americans do? Write their congressmen and women.

Democrats need to filibuster every Republican nominee to the Supreme Court.  Stop the hand-wringing. Stop fearing the end of the filibuster. Go ahead; let them do away with the filibuster.  Let Republicans rule because their positions are not supported by the majority of Americans. Let Americans find out what the Republican Party really stands for:

  • tax cuts for the rich and tax increases for the middle class
  • the end of Medicare and Social Security as we know it
  • the right of huge corporations to plunder the environment, exploit immigrants, and keep wages as low as possible for the working class workers who voted for their candidate
  • the end of a woman’s constitutional right to control her own reproductive system
  • the right of religious fundamentalists to discriminate against LGBT citizens
  • the right of insurance companies and big Pharma to profit from discriminating against the sick, the poor, and the powerless
  • no expansion of background checks which means guns in the hands of everyone, including the mentally ill, terrorists, and criminals
  • defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides cancer screenings and birth control to thousands of women across the country
  • the couching of bigotry against Muslims in “travel bans,” bigotry against LGBT citizens in “religious freedom,” and voter suppression in “voter ID” laws.

This IS what they stand for. Let them rule. Until Americans figure it out, we will continue to be controlled by the whims of the minority of American voters who are low information voters who vote on slogans, who are not offended by attacks on immigrants and minorities, who believe the bald faced lies of politicians, dripping with hypocrisy, who tell them what they want to hear and then cater to the whims of corporate America. No, millions of “illegal aliens” did NOT vote in this election, this was NOT the largest turn out for a presidential swearing-in in history, this was NOT the biggest landslide in American history.  These are lies.

Attention Democrats, we need to start running on bold policies that the majority of Americans favor:  like single payer-“Medicare for all” healthcare.  In the latest Gallup poll, 58% of Americans favored single payer.  And that is not 58% of Democrats; that is 58% of ALL Americans polled. Stop defending Obamacare because the premiums are out of control and the coverage is inadequate. RUN ON SINGLE PAYER.

Corporate Democrats who favor corporations over regular people need to be either banished from the party or petitioned into submission. Cory Booker, shame on you and your fellow Democrats who voted against allowing people like me to buy our brand name drugs from Canada (drugs which NO Obamacare insurance policy will cover until meeting a ridiculous deductible).  Get your act together or get out of the Democratic Party.

Democrats, do your homework.  Stop supporting candidates just based on how they talk about social issues.  We need to understand the economy and how it works.  Globalization has harmed the American middle and working classes. We can’t stop it; we can’t be isolationists.  We need to support candidates who have real solutions to how to bring back growing wages, universal health care, and defined benefit pension plans to protect people in their waning years. Republican solutions, like 401(k)’s are subject to the whims of the stock market and only protect rich people. Trickle-down economics does NOT work.

Populism on the right and populism on the left are two different things. We don’t need to scapegoat immigrants. We need to expose greedy corporations and banking institutions who care nothing about creating jobs for our suffering middle and working classes. We need to oust from power politicians who support corporations over regular people.

And most of all we need to force our Democratic politicians to grow a spine and stand up to Republicans who steal Supreme Court seats, cut Medicare and Social Security, destroy health care for ordinary Americans, and support policies that foster inequality and discrimination.

OK, sorry, just needed to rant.  I feel better now.

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