When Your Reality Check Bounces

The whole Covid experience has given us a new realty to live in. For each of us that reality is as unique as our genetic strands, and yet there is this observable sameness on the surface generally defining new groups. Those who wear masks, those who don’t. Those who resist isolation and those who embrace it. Those teetering on economic collapse and those swept into circumstances of poverty and hopelessness only paused by relief efforts but not resolved in any way down the road.

This results in motivations that are mixes of fear, compassion, confusion and concern for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, coworkers and community. The struggle to balance economic concerns against health concerns. Families, friends and loved ones far away and even close by that cannot be interacted with leaving an emotional hole that is patched but not filled by technology that allows virtual connections.

We observe those around us differently than we did just months ago. We measure personal space, we are assimilating new social structures and information on a daily basis in the midst of many people unable to do much other than observe, react, assess, maintain, gather information and try and make sense of it.

When Your Reality Check Bounces what do you do?

What is your new reality?

New realities, like moving to a new city are unsettling and generally require 6 months to a year to normalize, but our current reality is still changing without a foundation upon which to normalize.

We are exposed and sometimes bombarded with media blasts of data that is confusing and frequently in conflict. The political polarity colors most information streams analyzing and reporting on circumstances. Economic uncertainty permeates every level of society from those who have lost jobs to those who have lost the ability to provide them. Those who were struggling prior to this pandemic either physically or economically are surely in worse circumstances than before, but they are now joined by a population explosion of others suddenly plunged into circumstances beyond their control and out of the realm of their expectations and worst nightmares.

The entire world is currently navigating a unique shared experience that will have historical significance.

  • There have been pandemics before but never were they broadcast in real-time globally.
  • There have been economic crisis before that resulted in high unemployment, but never has unemployment been caused by a pandemic.
  • There have been disasters all over the world but never have they impacted directly so many simultaneously.

Welcome to the new Paradigm

The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers the following:

Simple Definition of paradigm:

  • : a model or pattern for something that may be copied
  • : a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about

Accordingly, a paradigm shift is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”

By User:Biogeographist – Page 6 of File:CDP October 2018 quarterly check – Slide deck.pdf, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


Resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship instead of crying out in despair, and improvise solutions from thin air. Others do not. This is the nature of resilience, and we will never completely understand it.

Diane Coutu is the director of client communications at Banyan Family Business Advisors, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is the author of the HBR article “How Resilience Works.”

The link above is to an article about resilience that is very succinct and may be beneficial to read and absorb. I think resilience is one of the tools everyone should have in their emergency kit if you can find it!

A few years ago the meme of “coming from abundance” was popular in the mindset for success circles and became a tool from business training seminars to meditation groups.

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